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Milk Cooling


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What We Do

We cool milk by using the most efficient and effective methods possible.

We clean the vat. After milk collection, our computerised technology works together with Packo's unique cleaning methods to ensure a sterile vat.

Dairy Tech Refrigeration provides the best result for your milk cooling and milk storage needs using the latest technology available. We specialise in this particular aspect of dairy farming and are able to recommend specific methods to satisfy your needs.

We have agents throughout Australia to install, service and give backup, whatever your refrigeration needs.


Dairy-Tech Refrigeration takes pride in providing its customers with the highest quality, advanced technology and service. Our proactive, dynamic team aims for a professional approach and provides expert advice catering to the singular requirements of the customer. Customer satisfaction means a success for Dairy-Tech Refrigeration. We understand that our role plays a vital link in your product and your business success. Dairy-Tech Refrigeration protects your milk and your income. We believe in responding quickly to enquiries of any sort and finding solutions to your farm business requirements. We are constantly striving to build confidence in our product, our team and our company.

Milk Cooling Tanks

Packo is considered a pioneer in the field of milk cooling and is the oldest milk cooling tank manufacturer in the world. For over 20 years, Packo's presence in Australia has resulted in over 1500 new Packo milk cooling tanks installed on farm...
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Wash Systems

Dairy-Tech Refrigeration specialises in fully automatic wash systems, for not only the Packo range of milk cooling tanks but also custom made systems for any branded tank. We can custom build a wash system to suit your requirements no problems at all...
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Gallery / Photo's

Photos of our work, equipment supplied and completed installations. Milk vats / milk cooling tanks, wash systems, upgrades, second-hand milk vats / tanks and fully reconditioned packages or sold in an 'as is' condition.
“Dairy-Tech Refrigeration"...
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Spare Parts

Dairy-Tech Refrigeration is the Packo & Fullwood Ltd dealer for Australia. Our company carries all spare parts for every model of Packo milk cooling tank produced too date. On hand are all the components used for the Fullwood Ltd milking machines...
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