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  • Horizontal tank with laser welded highly efficient evaporator (cooling plates)
  • Constructed from stainless steel 18/10-AISI 304
  • Internal chassis with solid leg construction and adjustable, screw out legs
  •  Flat manhole with swivelling cover including rubber seal for hygiene
  • Detachable air vent
  • Tank outlet 80mm butterfly valve fitted with 50mm BSM tanker driver connections. Both 80mm & 50mm connections suitable for tanker collection
  • Stainless steel access ladder for dipstick inspection under manhole
  • Tank conforms to- EN 13732 Standard – KEYMARK label




Tank Control & Display-
  • All electrical tank components (1-Phase) 240 Volts – 50Hz
  • Tank fitted with Packo’s new generation “Icontrol” touchscreen display. The “Icontrol” not only displays the milk temperature, this advanced “Icontrol” is the full interface control unit for both farmer & tanker driver. Incorporating all cooling and washing functions in one easy to use touch screen display.
  • Deep cooling possible to 1.9 degrees
  • Full automatic logging of cooling, agitation, cleaning and error files for both the farmer and service mechanic
Cooling & Agitation-
  • Thanks to the free evaporation and proper mixing of the milk, the heat exchange between cooling and milk is optimal.
  • Tank designed for high milk entry temperatures (above 22 degrees) including the Australian milk entry standard of 22 degrees
  • Number of agitators depends on the volume of the tank capacity. (Refer to page 2 / tank dimensions). Multiple agitators on large vesselsensures optimal heat exchange
  • All Refrigeration pipe is pre-mounted ready to connect, fitted with electronic expansion valves across all DX models


  • Automatic dosage pumps for all chemicals, acid, detergent & sanitizer dispensing
  • High Pressure “Packo- Rotojet” spray balls mounted in agitator blade(s)
  • Vertically mounted stainless steel wash pump, free draining
  • Powerful 1.5Kw wash pump ensures optimal cleaning inside vessel
Available Options-
  • ECO-Wash short cleaning
  • Robotic milking connections
  • Digital volume indicator (PACAP)
  • SMS / Email error warning module



LEM/DX & LEM/DIB Dimensions

ModelLEM/DX & LEM/DIB Max. cap. A B(2) C D E F G H I Agitators Legs Weight
Litres mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm Quantity Quantity kg
18000 18578 6324 6870 1050 2133 845 2603-2723 627 432 1193 2 14 1975
22000 22522 7619 8165 1050 2133 845 2603-2723 430 432 892.5 3 18 2245
25500 26450 9179 9725 1050 2133 845 2603-2723 787 432 1193 3 20 2550
32000 32915 11084 11630 1050 2133 845 2603-2723 472 432 1473 3 26 3200

(2)- With Eco-Wash cleaning system – Add an extra 190mm to (B) dimensions

Each agitator blade incorporates x2 fixed “Rotojet” spray balls

Available in (T4) – 2x Milking, everyday pickup, cooling (evaporator) plates. Designed to be at full volume in x2 separate milking’s
Available in (T6) – 4x Milking, every other day pickup, cooling (evaporator) plates. Designed to be at full volume in x4 separate milking’s






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Refrigerant Trading Licence- AU34439

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