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Dairy-Tech Refrigeration can build a custom made fully automatic wash system to suit any make, model, for either horizontal or silo milk cooling tanks.


Not only do we custom build the electrical’s but also construct all stainless steel pipe work, brackets that may be required. Spray balls, discharge piping and suction piping not a problem.

Every make and model of milk cooling tank is unique and requires different stainless steel piping. Some systems that we have built have even had the piping travel up a wall and then over a gantry like arrangement so the user can pass through the area without having too step over piping.

Our fully automatic wash systems utilise dosing pumps to dispense the acid and alkaline chemicals into the tank. No chemical cups or filling by the user is needed; the system does this including the right dosage rates automatically. After every wash the system will revert to the next chemical, automatic alternation.

Existing wash systems suffered because most were a dump to waste arrangement. Sucking wash water from a water storage and then blasting through a spray ball and draining directly to waste. Most users have found that these systems do not do the job properly, in the end the farmer has needed too enter the vessel and manually clean.


Health and safety laws prohibit the entering of confined spaces, thus farmers are becoming more aware of the potential problems of existing systems on farm to both self and other workers.

Older milk cooling tanks can be up graded regardless of the original wash system to a fully automatic re-circulating system. Problems with high bug counts cease including the worry of entering a tank to manually clean.

Systems are fully adjustable for every function like water filling, draining, re-circulation times, chemical rates etc. Also the system can be purchased as a “wash only system” or we can incorporate a digital thermostat and switches for cooling operation as well.

Large hot and cold water inlet solenoids are used and are enclosed in their own separate box. The large valves allow incoming water to flow at a high rate which is required especially for glycol chilling tanks where the chilled glycol is fighting the water for temperature. The quicker the tank fills the less hot water temperature loss. Also the added benefits of having a quick start too finish wash system.

Cooling operation also comes complete with cyclic agitation for the off periods; this ensures that the milk is stirred once the system is down to temperature (4 degrees). Every 13 minutes the agitator will start for 2 minutes. Another feature is also the delay cooling switch, When cooling is activated the timer counts down from a pre set time. Once counted down the cooling starts automatically, this features means that the farmer can turn the “cooling on” switch when ready to milk the cows instead of having too come out of the shed too turn the milk tank into cooling mode while milking.

So in affect the custom built systems can be either wash only or wash and cooling control centres. Most farmers opt for the wash and cooling system for total ease of use, one box that contains all control functions.


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There is no longer any need to put up with your outdated ineffective wash system. Once fitted you will wonder why you did not do this years ago!!!