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Dairy-Tech Refrigeration Australia-NZ | authorised representative
ARC-Refrigerant Trading Licence No- AU34439

Why Choose Dairy-Tech Refrigeration?

Consider the following points when you consider Dairy-Tech Refrigeration.

Australia’s Only Dedicated Milk Cooling Tank Specialist

Dairy-Tech Refrigeration concentrates wholly on the milk cooling industry, our focus and know how is milk cooling tanks. We offer expert advice, we know what volume tank and cooling systems will suit current and future requirements.

Superior Product

Proven world class quality, construction and technology.

Professional Team

The team is ready to take and act upon your enquiry, next day response is a priority.

Australia Wide Service Network

Support and back up to farmers is imperative, one aspect of our total service approach. With authorised refrigeration mechanics throughout Australia (not WA) we can respond quickly to service issues.


We are partners for the life of your milk cooling tank. Packo has a 5 year structural and 1year labour and parts warranty on its milk tanks. Beyond this time our extensive service network and spare parts division is there to back you up.

Dairy-Tech Refrigeration Mission Statement

Dairy-Tech Refrigeration takes pride in providing its customers with the highest quality, advanced technology and service.

Our proactive dynamic team aims for a professional approach and provides expert advice catering to the singular requirements of the customer. The success of our customers is success for Dairy-Tech Refrigeration. We understand that our role plays a vital link in your product, your business success. Dairy-Tech Refrigeration protects your milk and your income.

We believe in acting fast, responding quickly to enquiries of any sort, finding solutions to your farm business requirements.

We are constantly striving to build confidence in our product, our team and our company.