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Packo “PCV3”

Secondhand Tanks – Wash / Cooling System- Upgrade Controller
The cost effective solution with no compromise

The PCV3 is designed to be fitted to any brand of secondhand milk cooling tank. This is the perfect solution for existing tanks in the field that require upgrading due to no availability of spare parts.

Think of the “Zero”, “Frigrite” and countless other brands where controller items are hard to source.

These tanks have existing pumps and valves already in place, they really only require an updated controller with minimal fuss but more so expense.

Designed to be integrated into the existing system, chemical dosing cup or dosage pumps, level water control or timed water inlet / fill. It does not matter,the PCV3 can do it all in one simple user friendly package.




Simple to install

Remove the old controller from the wall, mount the PCV3 and re-connect the existing control wires. Set the cooling / wash parameters, test and commission –

Job done!!

  •   Fully automatic wash controller
  •   Every step, cycle or function can be changed, customized to suit any application
  •   Can be used with existing dosage “chemical cup” dispensing systems (Up to x2 cups)
  •   Can be used with 2 or 3 chemical dosage pumps
  •   Can be set for “Timed” water fill / inlet entry
  •   Can be used with existing water level control systems
  •   Hot water solenoid, cold water solenoid and even a warm water solenoid can be used
  •   Delayed cooling functions
  •   Instant cooling
  •   Pre-cooling pump activation function (Ice bank and glycol cooling tanks)
  •   DX tanks, ice banks (extra pump functions inbuilt), glycol cooling tanks etc.

Existing “Packo” Milk Cooling Tank

Wash / Cooling System Upgrades

“PCV3” & “Icontrol”

All Australian model LEM “Packo” milk cooling tanks currently equipped with the “Uniop, Telemecanique and PCV4”control systems can now be upgraded to the current “PCV3” or the “

I-Control” wash / cool control system.


The PCV3 version is the most cost effective upgrade when converting existing Packo milk tanks. Basically the PCV3 upgrade only consists of the main keypad and output / relay board that operates valves, agitators and pumps. All existing components including the water valves, chemical pumps etc stay in place. The PCV3 keypad and output board is retrofitted thus taking place of the existing “Uniop”, Telemecanique or PCV4 system.

Where “Eco-Wash” is used as on the PCV4 model, this is removed. The water storage cylinder is disconnected including the motorized valves. A retrofit kit is supplied to integrate from PCV4 to PCV3. Once completed the PCV3 looks factory standard that does not take away from the value of the vessel, this ensures continuation of the existing product for the years ahead.

The PCV3 is the most cost effective way to upgrade an existing Packo tank that has an older controller to current standards.


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