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Packo is considered a pioneer in the field of milk cooling and is the oldest milk cooling tank manufacturer in the world. For over 20 years, Packo’s presence in Australia has resulted in over 1500 new Packo milk cooling tanks installed on farm. It has evolved to become a main staple in the dairy equipment industry for milk cooling. Dairy-Tech Refrigeration is the Packo dealer for Australia and our core business is milk cooling. We are the only dedicated milk cooling specialist in Australia within the dairy industry. We can proudly back our products up with trained and qualified staff that are on hand 24/7 to assist and answer any technical question regarding our products. This is what makes the Packo tank unique within Australia; the back up service from a company that deals solely in milk cooling. Other companies may sell milk cooling tanks as an off-shoot to their core business, but unlike Dairy-Tech Refrigeration, they cannot offer the same level of technical and on going support. Packo is considered a premium product within the industry and will not compromise on performance or quality to achieve a sale. Compressors are equipped with all necessary components, not only to cool but also for the safety and longevity of the refrigeration system. We are only as good as the next tank we sell in its quality, performance and standard. Each tank sold is designed and equipped to impress the end user who has placed their valued dollars in our name.

On behalf of Packo Inox I welcome you to our web site, please feel free to contact Dairy-Tech Refrigeration either by phone or by the contact page on this site. We thank you and look forward to being able to quote for your future cooling requirements.

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