Packo Dealer Australia
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Dairy-Tech Refrigeration Australia-NZ | authorised representative
ARC-Refrigerant Trading Licence No- AU34439

Dairy-Tech Refrigeration is the Packo & Fullwood Ltd dealer for Australia.

Our company carries on hand spare parts for every model of Packo milk cooling tank produced too date. Also on hand is all the components used for the Fullwood Ltd milking machines. Everything from rubber liners for annual replacement through too the major components like full vacuum pumps and milk pumps.

We pride our selves on same day despatch of goods, when a part is required in most cases the end user receives the goods the following day.


Milk needs to stay cold and cows need to be milked, simple as that. As such our stores carry 90% of the components required at all times. Our name depends on the availability of service items and quick despatch times.

Also carried are other general items that are used on other branded milk cooling tanks. If you require a certain part then give us a call, in most instances we can help you out.


Most authorised Packo & Fullwood Ltd refrigeration / electrical and milk fitter mechanics carry on hand the normal service items for everyday usage. We encourage our client base to pursue spare parts items through authorised dealers firstly before coming to us. Other wise we can assist if needed


For spare parts both Packo or Fullwood Ltd-

Call Dairy-Tech Refrigeration- 0356 623 277